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2014.08.07 - Ebola PPE Shipments from Imres

Lelystad, The Netherlands, August 7th.

Since the very early start of the Ebola Virus back in March, Imres is supplying protective gear, wear and equipment to the affected area, in order to keep the health workers safe and sound. Since March the Ebola virus keeps on spreading, resulting in confirmed cases in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

To date, imres shipped out a total of 81 tonnes of humanitarian goods and protective equipment to the areas, such as goggles, gloves, aprons, chemical suits, masks and disinfecting sprays. As the main organizations have their own set of requirements, Imres has drawed up a resource list for the ease of all NGO’s. The resource list is available on request.

Due to the high demand, Imres created an Ebola project team to ensure all requests, stock positions and logistics to the affected area runs smoothly. Imres: “We are stockpiling all types of protection equipment. Action is needed fast, and healthcare workers can’t wait a few days or weeks, until their protection equipment arrives. Also, it is very important that the workers who are at potential risk, can rely on the quality of their protective clothing. By ensuring, procuring and using only the highest quality available, and to block substandard quality, we hope that we can contain this virus”

For more information, call or email your usual contact person.