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2013.09.04 - Imres sponsors charity event

19 days left till the “Dam tot Dam run”. More than 55.000 runners will cover 10 English miles from Amsterdam to Zaandam city, of which 30 will run on behalf of HealthNet. Next to the sportive challenge the runners are raising money for Women in War, and they are doing a really great job.

Imres decided to sponsor HealthNet in order to achieve their goal.

HealthNet TPO mainly works in areas where war, violence and natural disasters (still) have an impact on daily life. These areas, the so-called “fragile states”, are characterized by a lack of infrastructure, resources and political strength to build or re-establish public services. Peace agreements are one of the first steps towards social recovery, but such agreements are impossible without community trust. Since 1992 they have implemented projects in 27 countries. At the moment they are actively working in six countries.

Why “Women in War”? And where does the money go?
Many women had to endure hardships during war and conflict. They are in extra need of health care, renewed mutual trust and community spirit. HealthNet TPO supports them in several ways. Depending on the region, culture and specific needs we start projects:

  • In Burundi we set up solidarity groups through which women help each other with the work on the land and start collective small savings groups.
  • In Afghanistan we work on a large scale to reduce domestic violence. We organize national awareness campaigns, involving both women and men. See for example the TV commercials against domestic violence, which are broadcasted nationwide. (Read the description first.)
  • In several countries, we run awareness campaigns to promote family planning: women receive information about contraceptives and its purpose. The aim is threefold: (1) Disease control, especially HIV/AIDS; (2) Family Planning, as more children means more mouths to feed; and (3) Solidarity, women come together to share experiences and discuss family issues with each other. This enhances the sense of social cohesion and community trust.

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