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2012.03.13 - IEHK kits for Syria

IEHK and Relief supplies for Syrian refugees,


To provide immediate relief to the Syrian refugees who fled Homs and were able to cross the border into Northern Lebanon, Imres has dispatched an IEHK emergency kit, Following latest reports even women and children were massacred in the Syrian protest hub.

The United Nations have attempted to help negotiate a ceasefire between the rebels and government forces, but unfortunately without a solution or the opening of the borders for international humanitarian relief supplies.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human rights more than 8500 people- the majority of them civilians have died in the government violence against the revolt that had erupted.

More emergency relief supplies and pharmaceuticals are required, especially in Syria but while the Syrian government will officially not allow any humanitarian aid into the country, it remains difficult to distribute the supplies to where they are needed. Imres currently has large volumes of pre-positioned IEHK's and emergency supplies in stock to be able to respond immediately in due time