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2011.09.05 - Famine in the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today. Many years of conflict and waves of drought have caused a severe famine across many areas in mainly Somalia and Ethiopia. Refugees are desperately fleeing into Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti, trying to reach the already overpopulated refugee camps. The refugees who make it to the camps arrive exhausted, dehydrated, and severely malnourished and are in urgent need of medical aid, food and water.

IMRES has been providing aid to the Horn of Africa for many years already, but to respond to this humanitarian crisis, we are now sending a large number of emergency shipments on behalf of several partner organizations. We have sent IEHK emergency kits and other medical emergency supplies which will be used in the refugee camps. Besides basic medical supplies, we have also responded to the cholera outbreak by dispatching our prepositioned cholera kits.

While IMRES closely monitors this critical situation in East Africa, massive stocks of IEHK emergency kits are kept on stand-by for immediate dispatch.