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Product catalogue

Please find below some instructions on how to use our product catalogue.

The catalogue is available to both registered clients and clients without login access, although the funtionality of the website will be slightly different.

Non-registered clients
The basic functions for clients without login access are as follows:
The products have been grouped into several categories. The top level of each category can be found in the menu on the left; when a category is selected a drop down menu will show the subcategories. If, however, a category has no further subcategories, the products of our standard product range will be listed instead. When you press the Info button in the product list, more detailed information per product will be given, such as:
  • weight and volume
  • therapeutic group
  • image
  • product leaflet (only for non-pharmaceuticals and for HM Generics pharmaceuticals)

As an alternative to browsing the categories the user can carry out a search. The Search button can be found at the top of the screen. This function will allow the user to perform a synchronized search in the product catalogue database as well as the website's content. If only the product catalogue search yields results, they will be shown immediately; if not, the website search results are shown, together with 3 links on the left of the screen. These links will direct you further to the search results for the product catalogue, website or news items. Products found with the search function, may belong to any category.

Registered clients
For clients with login access to the product catalogue, the following additional information is available:
  • current stock and/ or incoming products
  • quantities in stock and quantities for future expected deliveries
  • In the product detail screen,
  • stock and expected deliveries (if applicable), including expiry dates, expected delivery date, label layout and label languages, product leaflets, including non-HM Generics

In addition to browsing the catalogue, a complete stocklist in Excel format can be downloaded as well by using the link at the top of this page.

We trust the product catalogue will be a helpful tool for you to find information on our products. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on improvements.